Our Value Added Search Approach

Armitage’s specific competitive “points of difference” apply to both how we launch a search and then how we execute it.

On every assignment, we aim to outperform client expectations on 3 key performance metrics: (a) quality of the shortlist, (b) speed to a shortlist, and (c) our proactive assignment follow-up to both ensure smooth on-boarding and to monitor the ultimate corporate impact of the selected candidate’s performance, once hired.

Firstly, before we start a search, we spend in-depth time to gain a clear understanding of the business/ growth strategy, the culture, the role, and the client’s views on key current issues. This enables us to better envision optimum solutions – both traditional and also “out of the box” solutions. By achieving this deeper insight, in turn, usually makes our assignment work that much more effective. The resulting close client/consultant interaction often shortens the search timeframe and improves the quality of the ultimate candidate selection. It also enables more flexible fee arrangements.

Secondly, in executing a search, we stress:

A Clear Focus on Attracting Superior Performers

The "war for talent" in most industries is very much now a reality. Concurrently, the advent of the Internet has made talent easier to find; however, attracting superior performers has become even tougher. This is where our real "value added" emerges. We have had sustained success in sourcing and landing outstanding performers for our clients over 40 years.

Research and direct sourcing are still the primary and best sources of candidates - supplemented by candidate files drawn from our extensive database. We invest our time principally in approaching "non-active" candidates within pre-identified "target" markets and pre-selected companies.

Quality prospects do require protracted negotiations to "land". Our role is to guide the negotiations so that enthusiasm builds on both sides until a match is consummated.

Faster Shortlists By Leveraging Technology

In partnership with Talent Technology Corp., - (talenttech.com) - a world leader in talent acquisition software systems, Armitage helped develop and refine their proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS). We now use their ATS (Talemetry) to our clients’ advantage - both in building assignment-specific candidate databases, in tracking down talent, and delivering accelerated, enhanced search outcomes. We can also guide our clients in integrating this type of A.T.S. into their own internal recruiting processes.

Optimizing Candidate On-Boarding/Performance Monitoring

"Landing the fish" is not the end of our involvement, merely the critical first step. Following the hire, we work proactively with the client and the candidate throughout their first 12 months to ensure an effective on-boarding plan and follow-up process is in place. Thereafter, we closely monitor the match to ensure that the candidates' integration into the client organization is optimized.